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The TPI Code of Practice

Energy Saving Guru: Committed to Excellence in Energy Brokerage

At Energy Saving Guru, we proudly adhere to the Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and transparency in the energy brokerage industry

What is the TPI Code of Practice for Energy Brokers?

The TPI Code of Practice sets a standard for responsible and high-quality Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) operating in the energy sector, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This benchmark ensures that TPIs like Energy Saving Guru negotiate competitive prices from energy suppliers while maintaining transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices.

By aligning with the TPI Code of Practice, Energy Saving Guru assures our clients of our dedication to providing open, honest, and transparent energy brokerage services. In a competitive energy market, adherence to these guidelines is essential for establishing credibility and fostering trust with our clients.

Why Choose Energy Saving Guru as Your Business Energy Broker?

As a business energy customer, it's crucial to partner with a TPI that complies with the TPI Code of Practice to avoid risks associated with receiving subpar and unreliable service.

At Energy Saving Guru, we understand the complexities of the energy industry and the importance of bringing clarity and structure to our clients' energy procurement processes. By strictly adhering to the TPI Code of Practice, we are committed to delivering tailored energy solutions that meet your business needs while ensuring transparency, competitive pricing, and exceptional service.

Choosing Energy Saving Guru as your trusted energy broker means partnering with a company that upholds the highest industry standards, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and works tirelessly to optimize your energy costs and consumption.

For reliable and transparent energy brokerage services that align with the TPI Code of Practice, trust Energy Saving Guru to be your dedicated energy partner.

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