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Protecting Vulnerable Consumers: Energy Firms Banned from Forcing Prepayment Meters

Updated: Apr 2

Sea hydro / OVO-key meter, illustrating the use of alternative energy sources for electricity.
SSE hydro / OVO-key meter highlighting alternative energy sources.

In a significant move towards consumer protection, energy regulator Ofgem has announced sweeping reforms that prevent energy companies from imposing prepayment meters on certain Domestic households without their consent. These changes are part of a new code of conduct binding on all electricity and gas providers serving households.

**The Issue at Hand**

Previously, it was common practice for energy suppliers to install prepayment meters in homes where customers had fallen behind on their energy bills, often without their agreement. These meters can be particularly burdensome for vulnerable customers, including the elderly and families with young children.

**Who Benefits from the New Rules?**

Under the revised regulations, energy companies are prohibited from installing prepayment meters without consent in households where:

1. A child under the age of two resides.

2. An individual is aged 75 or older.

These safeguards aim to ensure that the most vulnerable consumers are protected from aggressive meter installations. While these rules represent a significant step forward, it's essential to remember that they apply to specific demographics and situations.

**Why These Rules Matter**

These new rules are crucial for several reasons:

- **Protecting Vulnerable Consumers:** Elderly individuals and families with young children are often more susceptible to the financial and emotional challenges posed by prepayment meters. These rules offer them protection and peace of mind.

- **Fairness and Responsible Practices:** Suppliers can still use involuntary installations, but only as a last resort and in a fair and responsible manner. This ensures that vulnerable households aren't unfairly burdened.

- **Monitoring and Accountability:** Ofgem will closely monitor energy suppliers to ensure compliance with these rules. If companies fail to adhere to both the letter and spirit of these regulations, Ofgem will take appropriate action.

**The Bigger Picture**

In addition to these regulations, recent government reforms have ensured that households with prepayment meters no longer pay more for their energy compared to those using direct debit. These changes aim to level the playing field for all energy consumers.

**Looking Ahead**

While these developments are promising, energy regulators continue to examine options for improving the industry. Ofgem's chief, Jonathan Brearley, has called for reforms to the energy price cap, emphasizing the need for the right balance between competition and consumer protection.

One idea under consideration is the introduction of a "social tariff" that would provide benefits claimants with reduced energy costs, prioritizing legal protections for those who are most financially vulnerable.


These new regulations represent a significant step towards ensuring that the most vulnerable consumers are treated fairly and respectfully by energy companies. While there's still work to be done, these changes reflect a positive shift in the energy industry's approach to consumer protection.

How Energy Saving Guru Can Help

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